How to Create Administrator Account in Office 365?

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Setup of administration account in Office 365 application is not so complex procedure for the Global admin of Office 365. Many users of the application choose this way to manage the Office 365 account more appropriately. So, in this article, we will discuss the complete procedure to know how to create administrator account in Office 365 application. This process can be done through the help of Global account credentials which was used when you subscribe for Office 365 application.

  • The first step is to log in to your Global admin account and for that, you need to visit
  • After that, find the Admin Centre option in the Office 365 Menu section. Now click on the Users option and then Active Users option.
  • Through the Active Users Dashboard, you need to select the Add (+) button through which you can create a new user account.
  • The new window will appear that is Create New User Account where you have to enter required details for that account which you want to add as an admin account and then hit on the Create button.
  • Once the process is completed then close the dialog box.
  • Then through the help of Active Users section select that account which you have just created before these steps.
  • Now, this will show you the summary of the selected account on the right side of the window. Hit on the Edit User Roles option and then set that newly created account’s role as Global Administrator and finally click on the Save button.

In this way, you can create a new admin account easily. But to add that person who is not the part of the organization you have to follow other procedures.

How to Create Administrator Account in Office 365? – Outside Person

  • First, go for the Office 365 Admin Center and then through the help of the Menu section select User option where you have to click on the Add a User option.
  • Enter all required sections for that new user and then the domain of your company.
  • Now, fill all contact details of the user.
  • Go with Auto-Generate Password and then check the checkbox which shows you a message that is Make this user change their password when they first sign in.
  • Choose the Global Administrator under the Roles section.
  • Now enter Alternative Email Address which can be used when the password is lost.
  • In the Product Licenses section, go with the Create User Without Product License and then hit on the Add button.
  • Now select Send Password in Email option and then enter your own email address and new user’s email address and then hit on the Send Email and Close.

Through these steps, you can add any outsider as your Office 365 account admin. Through these, you can understand how to create administrator account in Office 365 but it is not safe to provide access to any outsider.


The creation of an admin account in the Office 365 application is not so complicated and can be followed by any user of Office 365 application. After the complete discussion, it is known to all of us that how to create administrator account in Office 365.

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