[Resolved] – How Do I Backup My Files to Google Drive?

Ritu Roy | Cloud Backup Email Conversion How to's Software | 4 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Are you looking for a solution on how do I backup my files to Google Drive? If it is a yes, then read the blog. We have discussed various procedure to backup all data to Google Drive account.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss what is Google Drive and why we should take backup of Google Drive files. And also know the manual and automate solution that can help you to backup Google Drive data easily.

First of all, let’s understand in brief about what is Google Drive before we explore G Drive backup.

What is Google Drive/G Drive?

G Drive (known as a Google Drive) is a cloud-based application which permits you to save and store all your data such as docs, excel, PDF, etc. files securely on the cloud so that you can open them from anywhere and any device. Users can open and edit your files from anywhere ad at any time (provided you have the internet connection). Moreover, you get free 15GB storage which includes the space for:

  • Google Drive/G Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Gmail

My Drive

Google My Drive is the folder in G Drive that stores and saved the files and folders generated by you. You can access and open these files and edit them whenever you require by just login in to your Gmail account.

These items that you can store in My Drive are:

  • Folders or files which you want to synchronized or upload.
  • Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets which you generate.

Why We Requirement to Backup Google Drive?

Let’s discussed the user’s some queries that made us think that we must backup Google Drive locally.

Scenario #1: I have been utilizing G Drive for last two year now. I have put away the entirety of my significant information in Google Drive account. Presently, I have this Google Drive out of space issue that is disturbing me to the essential. I can’t discover an answer for this out of capacity issue. Please guide me a solution for Google Drive backup.”

Scenario #2: “I mostly face web availability problems and it happens commonly that I am not benefit to open significant information documents that I have put away in my Google Drive storage.  Anyone please suggest me the approaches where I would backup be able to Google Drive information.”

Observing the above- mentioned users queries we can determine with the following troubles which lead to the desire to perform Google Drive backup.

  1. G Drive runs out of memory or in other words, the storage volume of the Drive is full.
  2. The Google Drive cannot connect to the internet & occur error.
  3. Google Drive cannot sync because the folders are missing
  4. To be avail to open Google Drive Offline & keep the copy of it on the local drive.

Recommended Solution:

The only technique to the above questions is to backup google drive locally. This would permit you to:

  • Free volume from your G Drive by removing all the files after they have been moved to your hard drive.
  • Open essential data of Google Drive even once you are not connected to the internet.
  • Open My Drive files even in situation of Google Drive errors or outage.

How to Move Data File from Google Drive to Desktop?

After explaining the desire of Google Drive backup, let’s know the techniques by which we can move Google Drive’s data offline.

You can copy data items from Google Drive to SD card or Computer utilizing the following two methods:

  1. Manually Backup Google Drive Data
  2. Automatically Backup Data from Google Drive

Solution#1. Manually Way to Backup Google Drive Data

Google Drive offers you an amazing functionality to backup your G Drive data manually. Follow the step-by-step process:

Step 1. Sign in your Gmail account & open your Google Drive.

Step 2. Choose all the files which you want to move, right-click on any file and then press on download option. See the below image:

Step 3. The all files will be downloaded in compressed file (.zip) format. You can uncompressed the Zip folder & then open the files.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

Utilizing the above-mentioned manual solution, the user has to follow extra steps to un-compress the backup folder which is pretty time-taking process. So to make it reliable for the user, we should try an automated solution to backup Google Drive locally.

Solution#2. An Expert Solution – Backup All Data from Google Drive

Always opt a solution which is reliable and never makes changes in the information. For this use Cloud Drive Migration software is the best option. It is a utility which can download a copy of data from Google Drive My Drive, Shared with Me, and Bin Folder. The cloud backup tool can export the following data items from G Drive account to the locally system.

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Drawings

Benefits of the using this Automated Solution:

  • Transfer unlimited files from Google Drive at once.
  • User-friendly interface of the software.
  • Directly move Google Drive data items to SD card, desktop, or hard drive.
  • Stores data files in a well organised folder-wise format.
  • It is less time-taking & error-free solution.
  • Is safe, secure and trustworthy migration tool.
  • Martians the formatting of the documents, excel sheets, etc. intact.
  • Shows progress status and create migration report in CSV format.


In this blog post, we are explained about Google Drive and need to backup of Google Drive data. Both manual & an automated solution has described. At the last, we can say that utilizing a reliable and expert third-party solution can solve all the above-listed queries of the users and help you to backup Google Drive data smoothly.

Important Note: Before purchasing the recommended Cloud Drive Migration tool it’s better to first use the demo version to check its functionality.