How to Add Pages to a PDF – Top 4 Ways

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Is there a method to add pages to a PDF if I have a document that is already in PDF format but needs more pages?

The ideal format for documents to be created is PDF. Almost any device can display the format, and it also makes it simpler to show papers. Knowing how to add pages to a PDF is useful if you have a document in PDF format and decide that additional content needs to be added or that some content is missing.

It’s possible to add pages to PDF files using a variety of programs. There are several ways to accomplish this; the four best ones we found are shown here.

#1. Utilize Acrobat Reader to Add Pages to a PDF

Acrobat Reader is excellent at performing a variety of PDF jobs and expanding PDF files. Drafting contracts with digital signatures, creating PDFs from scratch, and using it on cell phones while on the road are all possible.

Step 1: Open the PDF file in Acrobat Pro DC after starting it.

Step 2: Select the “Organize Pages” tool under “Tools” in the menu.

Step 3: Click “Insert Pages” on this toolbar and choose the insert option that best suits your needs.

The “Insert Pages from File” option will be used for the remainder of this instruction. If the pages you want to add are a part of another PDF, this is the best option.

Step 4: Locate and pick the other PDF file using the window that displays.

Step 5: After selecting a different file, choose “Locations” and then either “Before” or “After” based on where you want to add the pages.

Step 6: Decide which existing page will receive the new pages.

Step 7: Click “OK” after selecting the insert location. The additional pages will then be saved in a new PDF using the “File > Save As” command.

The main drawback of Acrobat Pro DC is that it is expensive to use, even with the few days free trial that is offered. The ordinary plan costs per month, but you must pay for the entire year (a quick calculation in your head shows that this is too expensive for the majority of people).

#2. How to Add Pages to a PDF on a Mac Machine

Using a Mac laptop? You are fortunate. One of the many built-in programs in Mac OS X is called Preview. All you need for this approach is a PDF that already has the pages you want to add and another PDF that already has those pages.

Step 1: Launch the Preview app and open the two PDF files in separate windows.

Step 2: Change the layout for each PDF to “View > Thumbnails”. This displays every PDF page in a style that is user-friendly.

Step 3: While scrolling through the pages of the PDF and clicking any pages you want to copy, hold down the Command key.

Step 4: After choosing the pages, click and drag them to the other Preview window, where you may then drop them in the appropriate location within the other PDF.

Step 5: The PDF can be reorganized by simply clicking and dragging individual pages.

Step 6: Once all of the pages are in their proper positions, select “File > Export as PDF” and save the document.

By doing this, a fresh PDF is produced with all of the pages arranged precisely as you desire.

#3. In Microsoft Word, Add Pages to a PDF

You can learn how to add pages to a PDF using Microsoft Word if you have that program installed on your computer.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word and choose the PDF file from the “File > Open” menu.

Step 2: Click where you wish to insert a new page at the top of the page that follows.

Step 3: Click “Pages” from the top toolbar, then “Blank Page” under the “Insert” option.

Step 4: A blank page will be added, to which you can later add any new text, graphics, or other information.

Step 5: Re-do the previous steps as necessary to add more pages.

Step 6: Select “File > Save As” after adding all of the new pages to the document.

Step 7: Give the PDF a name and select “PDF” as the file format. To complete this action, click “Save”.

This is a solution that the majority of users ought to be able to use as Word is a common program.

The Excellent & Reliable Way to Merge Multiple Secured PDF Files

Some people may respond well to the manual approach. However, free online resources can be used in an emergency. It can be difficult to keep important information current in an encrypted PDF file, though. Therefore, utilizing the CubexSoft PDF Merge Tool, one can combine protected PDF files in this circumstance.

Throughout the merging process, the software keeps the formatting and its attributes intact. The same tool, which works with both Windows and Mac OS, also has a PDF Split feature. There are no file size limitations on the utility. Managing many files is straightforward thanks to this software.

Firstly. Open the PDF Merge tool and select Merge.

Add the PDF files by choosing the Add Files or Add Folder option.

This program will now display the files you added. Now press the Next button.

You can select one of the software’s Split & Merge choices, which provides two dual alternatives. After that, choose the appropriate place, and then click the combine option.

When you click the Merge button, a single PDF file that was created by merging many PDF files will be shown. The merging procedure has successfully been completed.


This article gives reliable manual and expert methods for dividing and merging PDF files into manageable chunks. The typical approach, however, has drawbacks and is inappropriate for batch PDF files. A professional tool, on the other hand, allows you to combine and split PDFs on many bases and is simple to use. Rapidly and without any data loss.