How Do I Use Mac Contacts with Outlook? – [Solved]

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Use Mac Contacts with Outlook

It’s not as simple as copying and pasting contacts from Mac to Outlook. For it to work with Outlook, contacts must be exported in a separate format. This blog offers guidance on using a converter to get a trouble-free solution as well as instructions on how to export macOS Contact to Outlook using several techniques.

The latest operating systems have produced applications that enable users to communicate over email more effectively. MS Outlook and Apple Mail, two email systems offered by service providers like Windows and Apple, respectively. These programs enable email conversation using threaded messages and are compatible with a wide range of web servers.

Apple Mail is the default email client for Mac OS, while Microsoft Outlook is a popular email program from the MS Office suite and is compatible with macOS. Although they are different from one another, these apps are effective. But, a user could need to import Mac contacts to Outlook for a number of reasons, including:

  • When a user moves from Mac to Windows OS, they want to continue using Outlook as their email client.
  • When a Windows user wishes to share contacts with an Apple computer user.
  • A user who wants to switch from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook.

Due to the fact that various users need to switch from macOS to Windows, they must transfer their contacts from Mac and export them into Outlook. This post explains how do I use Mac contacts with Outlook and offers instruction in the process.

How to Import Contacts from macOS to Outlook?

  • Click File Import in Outlook.
  • Pick the type of data you wish to import.
  1. When upgrading from Office 2011 to a more recent edition, like Office 2016, Outlook 2011 data is used.
  2. When moving contacts from the Windows edition of Outlook to the macOS version, Outlook for Windows Archive File is used.
  3. If you want to move contacts from one edition of Mac Outlook to another, you must utilize the Outlook for Mac Archive File.
  • Select a choice from the options above, then select Continue.
  • Next, select Import.
  • Click ‘Done’ or ‘Finished’ once the import process is done.

The contacts will be successfully imported into Microsoft Outlook in this way.

More Advice for Utilizing Outlook and macOS Contacts

When you organize your Address Book contacts in Outlook for Mac, categories are automatically given to those contacts.

There is a probability that the VCF file contains backup copies of notes and pictures. Go to Contacts > Preferences > vCard and uncheck the boxes next to Export notes in vCards and Export images in vCards to avoid this.

Step 2’s File > Export > Contacts Archive option exports the contacts as an ABBU file rather than a VCF file. To re-import the contacts into a macOS application, use the ABBU format.

The contacts are exported as an ABBU file rather than a VCF file if, in Step 2, you select File > Export > Contacts Archive. Return the contacts to a macOS application by importing them in ABBU format.

Import Apple Mail Content, including Contacts to Microsoft Outlook

Unlike Windows Outlook, which only supports PST files, Apple Mail stores and preserves email information, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. in OLM file format. So, any import or export of mail content needs file conversion. This can be done manually, although the accuracy is frequently in doubt. As well, using a manual approach requires more time than using a third-party tool.

CubexSoft OLM Converter for Mac & Win OS is the best program available for exporting macOS Contacts or Address Book to Microsoft Outlook. It’s user-friendly and facilitates conversion for users in a seamless manner.

The best option is to use a professional and perfect OLM to PST Converter because Microsoft doesn’t provide a program to export OLM contacts to MS Outlook. When it comes to importing OLM mailbox items such as emails, journals, tasks, contacts, calendar, etc. to a PST file format that is compatible, OLM File Converter gives you the best results.

Finalize the Post

While Outlook for Windows is compatible with PST (Personal Storage Format) file, Outlook for Mac saves and stores data in OLM (Outlook for Mac) file. In order to exchange files between these two Operating systems, a user must transform the files. In order to manually import Contacts into Windows Outlook, one must manually export Contacts to a VCF file. The procedure is drawn out and tiresome, but a user can simplify the complete process of converting Mac contacts to PST files and importing them into Outlook for Windows by using CubexSoft Outlook for Mac Converter.