How Do I Export an MBOX File from Outlook?

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PST and MBOX both file formats are used in different email clients, PST format is mainly used by Microsoft Outlook whereas MBOX file format is used by various email clients like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Eudora, etc. and because of the widely utilisation of MBOX format many users want to save their data into this file format. PST format files can be stored but not supportable for most of the email clients and that is the biggest reason for the conversion of PST files into MBOX format files.

Some Selected Queries

“I am changing my email client for some reasons but I do not know how do I export an MBOX file from Outlook PST with all attachments of all PST files?”

“Can any software convert PST files into MBOX format files without using Microsoft Outlook and also have the feature for saving of converted files at my desired path of computer hard disk?”

“I want to transfer all MS Outlook data to Thunderbird is there any way through which I can convert all Outlook generated PST files into MBOX format so that I can switch my email client. So suggest me how do I export an MBOX file from Outlook PST files with all data.”

As we all know that there is no specified manual solution is available for this conversion process and because of this, many of us finding the best way of conversion through which all PST files can be transferred into MBOX format without any loss of data.

Automated Solution with Advance Features

PST to MBOX Converter can be considered as the best and featured automated software through which you can understand how do I export an MBOX file from Outlook PST file as this contains all features through which you can easily transfer all PST files without any technical knowledge. It has preview feature through which all selected files can be viewed and checked before the staring of converting process, saving of transferred files made easy with destination path section through which you can select the path where all files will be saved. It can maintain the structure of files and can transfer header information of files along with all attachments, images, hyperlinks and all other text and non-text data of each file. You can transfer Unicode, ANSI and password protected files without any change in procedure.

Steps of Conversion with this Automated Software

Step 1. Download and install this expert software.

Step 2.  Select Add Files Option if you want to change selective PST files and choose Add Folder option if you have a folder full of PST files.

Step 3. After the selection of files or folder view them with the use of Preview section which is given in the same window.

Step 4. Then choose the exact format (MBOX) in which you want to convert all PST files through the use of Select Output Format.

Step 5. Use Apply Date Filters option if you want to change PST files of the specific date range.

Step 6. Click on the Browse button and select the Destination Path.

Step 7. Press the Convert button to start the processing and wait for the message that is Conversion Done Successfully.

With all these unique features you can operate it with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and other remaining Windows OS and can be utilized without the installation of MS Outlook.


Through the above discussion, it is observed that this PST Converter software is suitable for the answer of the question that is “How do I export an MBOX file from Outlook PST” and all other queries related to the conversion procedure of PST files into MBOX format files. I suggest you take the benefits of a demo version of this software which has the ability to transfer 20 PST files along with each and every detail of selected files. All features can be avail only in a licensed edition.