How to ‘Fix Outlook Import Export Greyed Out’ Error? [100% Working Solution]

Ritu Roy | fix How to's Outlook Software Technology | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 29-01-2024
how to fix outlook import export greyed out

This post provides the solution to your question, “How to fix Outlook Import Export greyed out error?” The ways to fix the Outlook issue where the Import/Export option is greyed out will be covered in this post. In addition to a technical expert-recommended automatic option, we will go over several manual solutions. Furthermore, we will also go over a few major causes for why you might be having this problem.

With millions of users worldwide, Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email software. For handling their emails, a lot of companies and organizations choose this option. Many enhancements that enhance Outlook’s functionality are included with the program. It also has a ton of improved and increased security measures. Nevertheless, the “import-export option greyed out Outlook” problem is a common problem encountered by users of this amazing email client.

Well, that is no longer the case because we have provided you with several manual remedies as well as one automated software in this blog post to assist you in solving the problem without difficulty. Now let’s tackle the blog and find a solution for the “Outlook import export option greyed out” problem.

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Why Is My Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook?

Before resolving the issue, users should be aware of a few potential causes for Outlook import export disabled. Take care to prevent making the same mistakes twice:

  • With the Outlook Demo Version, you can turn off the Import/Export capability.
  • The Outlook Import/Export capability may have been disabled by the administrator.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook might limit its fundamental features and cause problems.
  • The import/export functionality of Outlook may become greyed out and incompatible due to installed plugins or add-ins.
  • Attempt to import or export a PST file that is too big or inconsistent for Outlook to manage.
  • additional issues with bandwidth or a bad internet connection.
  • Cyberattacks, business logic flaws, or testing might be occurring with Outlook.
  • Microsoft promptly fixes technical faults that cause Outlook import and export to be greyed out in the latest version of the program.

How to Fix Outlook Import Export Greyed Out Error Manually?

If the “Import and Export” option is greyed out in Microsoft Outlook, it can be frustrating, and resolving the issue may involve several steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fixing the Outlook Import/Export greyed-out problem manually:

#1. Update Outlook to the Premium Edition

If the import and export options in Outlook are greyed out, you should consider upgrading from the demo edition of Outlook to the premium version. Improved functionality and other helpful features without any errors can be found in the premium version.

#2. Update the Outlook Program

Verify the version of Outlook you are using. Adding new features and fixing bugs is always aided by updating software. To resolve the issue of Outlook import export being disabled, check the software settings for updates and make sure you have the most recent version of Outlook.

#3. Upgrade Your Device

It’s critical to upgrade both the device you’re using and your Outlook application. Maintain the operating system on your computer up to date. Your programs may work better if Apple releases updates regularly. In your system options, look for updates.

#4. Find Corrupted Data Files in Outlook

If you have greyed out Outlook import or export, you should scan your files to find any faulty ones. Problems with the application and its functionalities are always caused by corrupted data files. Thus, confirm that your PST file is not corrupted. To easily find and repair PST files, you can use Outlook’s built-in utilities, such as Scanpst.exe, etc.

#5. Correct the Language Preferences

The Outlook version and the Windows language version may differ. Therefore, to resolve this, go to Control Panel >> Region >> Administrative >> and modify the language for the non-Unicode program. Programming language not using Unicode.

#6. Make Contact with the Administrator.

Occasionally, an administrator may purposefully disable a few features. Therefore, get in touch with your system administrator right once if you’re seeing the issue “Outlook import export greyed out.” They can help, and they could know about any particular settings or limitations that might be influencing the import-export function.

#7. Run Outlook in Safe Mode

  • If Outlook is open, shut it down.
  • Click the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R.
  • Hit Enter after typing outlook.exe /safe. In Safe Mode, Outlook will open as a result.
  • Verify if you can now select the “Import and Export” option.

#8. Disable Add-ins

  • Open Outlook.
  • Launch Outlook.
  • Hit “File” and select “Options.”
  • Navigate to the “Add-ins” menu.
  • Click “Go…” after choosing “COM Add-ins” from the drop-down option to disable all add-ins.
  • After unchecking every add-in, select “OK.”
  • After restarting Outlook, see if you can now access the “Import and Export” option.

#9. Verify Your Internet Connection

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Outlook’s functioning may be affected by a bad connection. To facilitate seamless import-export processes, ensure that you have a dependable internet connection.

#10. Fix the installation of Microsoft Office.
  • Shut down every Office program.
  • Get the Control Panel open.
  • Go to “Programs” > “Programs and Features.”
  • After locating and selecting “Microsoft Office” from the list, click “Change.”
  • Select “Repair” and follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Check Outlook after restarting your computer and the repair process is finished.
#11. Restart the Outlook program and the computer.

Restarting the Outlook program or your PC as a whole might occasionally fix issues. One way to resolve any temporary issues causing the Outlook import and export to be greyed out is to restart the program to refresh it.

Note – Thus, you can use these manual solutions to fix the problem. But neither success nor data security are guaranteed in full by these techniques. We have therefore presented to you an expert-recommended remedy in the following section.

Pro Solution to Fix Outlook Import Export Greyed Out Issue

It is simple to try the new Outlook, but more difficult to revert to the previous version. It is necessary to fulfill certain requirements. Although it is marked as “Coming Soon,” the Import/Export feature is still absent from the most recent Microsoft upgrade. The Outlook import export greyed-out problem can be resolved in such a scenario with CubexSoft’s Tool help.

You can export your Outlook mailbox with CubexSoft PST Converter regardless of whether you have Outlook installed. Technical experts tend to like this tool. It offers a high degree of protection along with converting and exporting your PST files into numerous widely used file formats. It also enables you to export PST files directly to a variety of desktop and web email programs, including Thunderbird, Office 365, Gmail, etc. The tool has several features that improve its functionality and provide a better user experience.

Wrapping Up!

We covered several fixes for the “Import Export greyed out in Outlook” problem in this article. We talked about several manual solutions as well as an automatic solution suggested by an expert. However, not everyone can utilize manual methods; for this reason, technological experts advise users to choose an automated option to get the required outcomes in a hassle-free and secure manner.