What is Outlook Error Code 3253 on Mac OS and How to Resolve it?

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Fix “Outlook Error Code 3253 on Mac OS”

Recently, Mac Outlook users have reported getting the error code 3253. An error notification reading “Connection to the Outlook Server had either failed or dropped” appears. When trying to send an email, this error happens. This stops Mac users from sending new emails but has no impact on receiving them.

The email message moves to the Outbox folder with a pending status and code error 3253 when you press the Send button. The worst part is that this problem comes unexpectedly without giving any prior notice. This could have a severe negative impact on email communication and on your day-to-day tasks and business. Therefore, it is essential to fix this error as quickly as feasible.

Why Do Users of Mac Outlook Get the 3253 Error?

The 3253 error code denotes a server connection failure. There could be a number of reasons for the issue. But, the following are some common explanations, according to some fictitious investigations into numerous cases:

Outlook Account Set Up Wrong

When an Outlook account is not properly configured on the Mac device, the Outlook Error Code 3253 usually arises. The configuration of the incoming (POP & IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers is incorrect. Incorrect server settings for the incoming and outgoing server ports may also be to blame.

The Sent Folder Now has a Larger Size

The large number of emails in the Sent folder is one of the most frequent causes. The email client is put under more stress as more things accumulate in the Sent folder.

Outlook was Installed Incorrectly

In some situations, incorrect outlook installation on the user’s Mac computer can cause the Mac Outlook issue 3235.  

How Can I Fix Mac Outlook Error 3253 Quickly?

The methods listed below can be used to quickly fix the Outlook 3253 error on macOS. The language used to describe the approaches is straightforward and understandable.

In order to proceed, check the connectivity of the Outlook account. A POP3, IMAP, or MS Exchange Server can be used for this. You may find it easily by following these steps-

  • Using the drop-down menu, select Files >> Info.
  • Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu by going to Account Settings.

Delete the Previous Cache Storage for Mac Outlook

You can reset the “cache preference” to fix this issue with Outlook for Mac. In many cases, this method finds the problem and fixes it. These easy steps can be used to manually delete any needless cache:

  • On the Mac device, click the Spotlight Search Glass to launch the Terminal app. The device screen’s upper right corner contains this option.
  • Next, hit the Type Terminal. A terminal window will appear.
  • In the Terminal, enter defaults delete com.Microsoft.Outlook.
  • Due to this process, all of the current Outlook preferences will be erased.
  • Enter “killall cfprefsd” into the Terminal window.
  • This process will remove the preferences that were cached.
  • Open Outlook after that and send an email to see if error 3253 has been fixed.

Make a New Email Account

Using a new profile, manually set up a new email account in Outlook for Mac.

  • Find the Outlook program using the Finder option.
  • Click the Outlook application with the right mouse tab, then choose Show Package Contents from the menu.
  • Click it twice after going to Content >> Share Support >> Outlook File Manager.
  • Select the option to create a new profile and fill out the necessary details.
  • Choose the account type (Exchange/Office 365 or POP/IMAP) from the available options after clicking Add Account.
  • To ensure there are no errors, double-check the details you’ve filled in. Then, pick Add Account from the menu.

Simply follow the steps below to add an Exchange Server or IMAP/POP account.

Add an Exchange Account

  • From the Add button in the lower-left corner, choose Exchange.
  • For the creation of the Exchange account, enter all the necessary information.
  • Pick “Configure Automatically” and hit on the Add Account to configure the Exchange account automatically.

Add an IMAP or POP3 Account

  • Select the Other Email option after choosing the Add tab.
  • Enter all of the necessary details to make and set up the account.
  • Select the Add Account option from the dropdown menu that appears after clicking on it.

Send a test email to see if the error 3253 has been resolved.

In Conclusion

You can fix the Outlook Error Code 3253on Mac using the techniques explained above. It is advised that you extract the mailbox data from the Outlook OLM file if the error still occurs or if you’re having problems with your Outlook account. You can accomplish this by using a wonderful third-party software like CubexSoft OLM Converter. The tool helps in extracting mails and other mailbox items from the OLM file and saving them into PST and other formats like EML, PDF, MSG, MBOX, CSV, TXT, HTML, ICS, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Office 365, Gmail, Exchange Server, IMAP, Outlook.com, Yahoo, Amazon Workmail, etc.