Connect Lotus Notes to IMAP Server Webmail by using NSF to IMAP Converter

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This article illustrates the step-by-step process to import Lotus Notes NSF to IMAP account. Moreover, it offers a direct method for NSF to IMAP migration.

IMAP Mail Server (Internet Mail Access Protocol) is one of the most famous email protocols to open the email messages saved on the mail server. Through IMAP Server, one can open your email account from multiple devices. For example, when you sign in to MS Outlook, this email client connects to the server using IMAP webmail.

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Main Benefits of IMAP Mail Server

  • Emails can be opened from any device through an email server.
  • Download the email when it is clicked upon.
  • IMAP Server is very fast and shows all the emails simultaneously.
  • Attachments of emails are downloaded manually, only if required.
  • If email is deleted from the device, then it can again be backed up by an email server.
  • It saves local disk space and also be used in offline mode.

Instant Solution to Quickly Import Lotus Notes to IMAP Account

With CubexSoft NSF Converter Tool, the user will no longer have to wait for days to connect Lotus Notes to IMAP mail server account. It permits the user to transfer multiple NSF files from Lotus Notes to IMAP account with a complete database & information. The NSF to IMAP software is professionally developed software that connects Lotus Notes to IMAP very quickly. The best part is that the software can be used by any user without having technical knowledge. Now, follow the steps to move emails from Lotus Notes to IMAP webmail account.

Step 1. First of all, install and open NSF to IMAP Converter Tool on a Windows machine. Then read all the instructions explained in the software interface.

Installation of Lotus Notes is must

Step 2. Now, go to Add Files option to load the .nsf file for Lotus Notes to the IMAP conversion process.

all nsf files

Step 3. After loading the NSF files, check the preview of the folder with maintained properties.

Preview NSF File Data

Step 4. Click on the Export button to select the IMAP option in the saving output option tab.

Export NSF Data

Step 5. Enter the IMAP Mail Server login credentials – Email Address, Password, IMAP Host, and IMAP Port no and click on the Convert button to start importing NSF files to IMAP Server.

live NSF files conversion progress

NSF to IMAP Converter Tool – Benefits & Advantages

  • IBM Notes to IMAP Converter software is one of the best and most reliable tools to load and analyze all NSF files to connect to an IMAP account.
  • The software is a perfect choice for the user to perform selective conversion of NSF data to IMAP account.
  • It is designed with advanced Al techniques making it self-capable to add Lotus Notes NSF file to IMAP mail account.
  • The software offers the dual-mode option to load NSF files manually. By clicking on Add Files options, the software displays a new screen with multiple options to load NSF files.
  • NSF to IMAP tool has the ability to keep the on-disk-system folder hierarchy. While converting a bulk number of files, there will not be a loss of a single word of the data.
  • It keeps all the email properties and Metadata information original after the upload of data is completed.
  • Users from both technical as well as non-technical backgrounds can work on this application. Also, it gives a 100% safe & secure environment for the users to export the data.
  • The software supports to export of all types of Lotus Notes converted NSF files taken from any version i.e. Lotus Notes 10.0, 9.0, 8.5, etc.
  • Import all Lotus Notes Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc. to the IMAP account instantly & quickly.
  • The software allows the HCL Notes email client installed and configured.
  • The NSF to IMAP conversion only needs account login details of IMAP mail server account.

Some Frequent Asked Question: NSF to IMAP Server Conversion

Q1: How can I import NSF to IMAP Server account?

A: Follow the step-by-step working process mentioned above to connect Lotus Notes to IMAP Server account.

Q2: Can I extract all the data items of HCL Notes to IMAP?

A: Yes. Through this NSF to IMAP Converter software, one can easily and quickly import all Lotus Notes data files from NSF to IMAP webmail account without any data loss.

Q3: Is there HCL Notes installation required for NSF to IMAP conversion?

A: Yes, Lotus Notes must be installed on your machine otherwise you won’t be able to perform the migration procedure of NSF files effectively.

Q4: Does this software needs IMAP login details to perform the conversion?

A: Yes, Lotus Notes to IMAP tool requires login credentials for conversion of Lotus Notes NSF file to IMAP account smoothly without any errors.

Q5: How many NSF files can be exported with its free demo version?

A: The free demo edition of IBM Notes to IMAP account software imports 20 mails absolutely free of cost. One can export bulk NSF files to IMAP Server using the license key of the software.

The Concluding Words!

There are multiple users who want to connect Lotus Notes to IMAP Server account & IMAP-based email applications. For this task, download the CubexSoft NSF to IMAP Converter software to import Lotus Notes emails from NSF to IMAP account. It is a reliable tool for moving multiple NSF files to IMAP webmail account with ease and accuracy.  To check the software first investing it, users have the option to download the free NSF to IMAP version tool.