Cost Effective Way to Access Stored Mailbird file in Outlook

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In this blog, we will discuss how to export email from Mailbird to access stored Mailbird files in the Outlook environment. The article explains step by step procedure to export Mailbird to Outlook with attachments and contacts files.

While comparing Mailbird with Microsoft Outlook, we came to the conclusion that MS Outlook is far better than Mailbird in terms of performance. It is best for your business growth, yield, and efficiency. When we admit an email platform best in comparison to others, we consider certain attributes such as reliability, feasibility, stability, ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness, and email productivity. Outlook with stands with all these feature attributes. Therefore, it is obvious for users to upgrade themselves and switch to Outlook for a better user experience.

All-Rounder Mailbird to Outlook Converter – An Introduction

Nowadays migration of databases from one email platform to another is a common activity in the corporate world. However, with an increase in migration frequency, the threat related to security and safety increases. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a method that is 100% secure and provides guaranteed outcomes. CubexSoft Mailbird Converter is a professional third-party program that deal with the migration of all type of Mailbird files.

The software ensures smooth and efficient transfer of Mailbird .db files in the Outlook account. Experienced experts and a team of professional users tested it on massive .db file migration. The software provides smooth export of Mailbird files in Outlook interface without any security threat and loss of the database. The working structure of Mailbird to Outlook Converter is non-complex and includes fewer technicalities. Therefore, it is perfect for both beginner and experienced users. Check the working of the program in the next section of the article.

How to Export Emails from Mailbird to Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013?

Follow up the instructions given below to access the stored Mailbird file in the Outlook account:

  1. Download, install and properly launch the Mailbird to PST Converter on your Windows machine.
  2. After that start the software and hit on either “Convert Configured Mailbird Mailbox Data” or “Let me select my Mailbird Mailbox Data” as per your suitability.
  3. The tool scans your selected database and shows a list of files in the tree-like structure with checkboxes. Tick the boxes accompanied by the folders/files for export. You can also check the preview of any .db file in this step.
  4. Now choose the Outlook PST option in the Select Saving Option.
  5. Next, click on the Browse button to choose the location to save the PST file.
  6. Finally, tap on the Convert button to start the Mailbird export to PST files procedure.

After the export procedure is completed, you can access the PST file in any Outlook version such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

Salient Features of Mailbird to PST Converter

  • The efficient Email extraction program export multiple Mailbird email files into PST extension in single processing. In place of exporting each file separately, users can export the complete Mailbird mailbox in one go and save their precious time.
  • The advanced solution keeps all mail elements in accurate form while exporting Mailbird mailbox items to PST file format. It will not harm any mail properties during conversion such as header, time stamps, hyperlinks, content, style, font, etc.
  • It allows exporting all types of attachments such as jpg, tiff, doc, ppt, pdf, etc. to PST file format with intact properties.
  • The tool offer variety of filters like To, From, Subject, Date Range, etc. for selective Mailbird email export to PST file format.
  • The software export all Mailbird .db files to PST format in the accurate hierarchy. The management of data is so easy even after conversion.
  • There is no requirement to have any technical skills to operate this software for Mailbird email export to PST file format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mailbird work with Outlook?

No, Mailbird does not directly work with Outlook. To access Mailbird .db files in the Outlook account, you need to export the database permanently in Outlook. (It means, you need to convert .db to .pst format)

How do I add Outlook to Mailbird?

To add an Outlook account in Mailbird, there are two methods i.e. the permanent method and the temporary method.

Permanent Method: You need to export entire DB files of Mailbird to your Outlook account. After that, you can easily access Mailbird files in Outlook.

Temporary Method: Connect Outlook account with Mailbird using IMAP settings.

Does the software need Outlook installation to export Mailbird to Outlook?

No, there is no need to install Outlook desktop on your premises to export Mailbird .db files in Outlook. In fact, installation of Mailbird is also not required for .db migration. The software works independently and moves entire .db files in PST format accurately.

How much time does the software take to complete the Mailbird export to PST procedure?

The time taken is directly proportional to the size of the database. It means it depends upon the volume of Mailbird files you are exporting to your Outlook account. However, the software provides fast service and quickly scans and exports files to PST format.

Final Words

Email migration is a very vast topic to cover. In this blog, we discussed the detailed procedure of Mailbird exporting emails to the PST Outlook accounts. To get more information about how to export email from Mailbird to an Outlook account, download the demo version of Mailbird to Outlook Converter.

The demo edition enables you to export Mailbird .db files to PST format free of cost but limited to 25 files per folder. Try the demo edition to check whether the software suits your need or not. If you find it useful then get access to the license edition for hurdle-free export of Mailbird to Outlook.