MDaemon to Office 365

MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Tool to migrate MDaemon multiple users Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks and Journals to Microsoft Office 365 account directly at once.

  • Migrate multiple users mailboxes from MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 in single time
  • Regains all mail elements accurately of MDaemon emails in Office 365
  • Move unlimited MDaemon mailbox to Office 365 without imposing any file size limitation
  • Migrate MDaemon to Microsoft 365 with emails, contact, calendar, notes, tasks and journals
  • Installation of MDaemon email client is not mandatory for MDaemon to O365 process
  • Option of Copy to Default Folders to migrate MDaemon mailbox to default folders of O365 account
  • Make use of "I am Admin" option to batch migrate MDaemon users to Office 365 at once
  • Offers advance different Filters for specific migration of MDaemon mailboxes to Office 365
  • Simple and non-tricky working environment for hurdle-free MDaemon to Office 365 conversion
  • Shows backup report in TXT format with each and every minor detail of MDaemon to Microsoft 365 data transfer
  • Carries out 100% accurate and guaranteed MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 transfer process
  • Accessible to all Windows version including the new one Windows 10

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Why CubexSoft MDaemon to Office 365 Tool?

Multiple Options to Move MDaemon Account to Office 365

Use MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 Tool to move MDaemon user mailboxes as per requirement. The application comes with different options that you can use for implementing the same process.

  • Select Files: Allows to load and export few MDaemon files into Office 365 account.
  • Select Folder: Facilitate to add complete MDaemon folder equipped with unlimited files and move all of them into O365 profile at once.
  • Convert Multiple Users: Enables to convert multiple MDaemon mailboxes/users in a single time.

“I am Admin” Option for Batch Mailbox Migration

MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 Tool possessed with the feature of I am Admin that support Application Impersonation rights. By selecting the same, a user can provide the MDaemon administrator account details. After this, the tool will connect to specified administrator account and load all its associated users on the software pane. This function allows to batch migrate MDaemon multiple user’s mailboxes to O365 admin account or different users available in admin account at once. The process will save user's crucial time and efforts as well.

For Batch Migration Tutorial, Visit:

Supports Migration of all MDaemon Items

MDaemon to Office 365 Tool not only migrates MDaemon emails to Office 365 but also supports the migration of other associated MDaemon folders. Using the application, a user can migrate entire MDaemon user account profile database such as Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks and Journals into Office 365 environment in just a single click.

Moreover, with Copy to Default Folder option, a user will also get a separate option of Item Filters. Here, you will find every MDaemon item is equipped with a checkbox that allows to choose the desired MDaemon folder or all folders and move the data of the same into Office 365 without running the entire MDaemon mailbox to Office 365 migration process.

Multiple Filters Option for Specified Migration

MDaemon to Office 365 Tool provide the benefit of different powerful filters which can be accessed for selective migration. It includes All Items as well as Apply Filters.

  • All Items: Allows to export all MDaemon items to Office 365 at once.
  • Apply Filters: Allows to export specific MDaemon files to Office 365 environment. It includes date range, to, from, subject and exclude folders option to perform the same.

MDaemon to Office 365 - Simplified & Recommended Solution:

CubexSoft MDaemon to Microsoft 365 application possesses many amazing benefits which are useful in the migration process. By providing direct export facility, a user can directly batch migrate MDaemon database to Office 365 at one time.

Advance "I am Admin" option will help in carrying out batch MDaemon to Office 365 migration at once. Moreover, the Item Filters & Advance Filters option will ease the process and help in implementing the task as per requirement.

Copy to Default Folder is another beneficial feature of application. By choosing the same, a user can transfer all MDaemon items in already existing folders of Office 365 account.

Some Significant Features of MDaemon to Office 365 Tool

Use MDaemon to Office 365 Tool to batch migrate MDaemon multiple users account emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and journals to Microsoft Office 365 without data loss. Get the benefit of Item Filters to export MDaemon desired items into Office 365 profile with 100% accuracy.

Export Unlimited MDaemon data in Office 365

MDaemon to Office 365 Tool is designed to move unlimited MDaemon mailbox to Office 365 account in single round of migration. The remarkable software batch migrate MDaemon files to Office 365 without losing a single file. Use Select Folder option and performs the process in couple of seconds.

Complete MDaemon Profile Conversion

MDaemon to O365 Tool is the best and reliable migration software to export from MDaemon Worldclient to Office 365. It provides facility to move all items from MDaemon account to Office 365 such as emails, contact, calendar, tasks, notes and journals.

I am Admin Option for Batch Migration

The software provides the option of I am Admin with support of Application Impersonation rights. A user can add multiple single users at once and migrate MDaemon mailboxes into the same in a single time with 100% accuracy. This will save time and efforts of users as it will help in carrying out batch migration in few seconds.

Migrate MDaemon to Default Folders

MDaemon to Office 365 application offers the option of Copy to default folders. By clicking its checkbox, a tool will directly store MDaemon mailboxes into default folders of Office 365 profile. In case, you do not select the option, then the tool will automatically generate its own named folder in specified O365 account and keep all the migrated database in the same.

Selective MDaemon to Office 365 Migration

The one of the unique feature of CubexSoft MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 Tool is that it allow selective transfer of MDaemon mailbox to O365 account. It provides numerous filters such as item filters, date range, to, from and subject using which can be used to move specified MDaemon files to Office 365 instead of complete mailbox.

Preserves On-Disk Hierarchy

While moving MDaemon database to Office 365, the tool is smart enough identify and maintains on disk hierarchy of folders. Even after conversion, MDaemon to O365 Migration Tool does not make any changes in folder hierarchy and structure of MDaemon files.

Option to Convert MDaemon Multiple Users

The smart MDaemon to O365 Tool designed with an option of I am converting multiple users. By choosing the option, a user will get the authority to export multiple MDaemon users account mailboxes to Office 365 profile at once.

Maintains Key Element of MDaemon Mails

MDaemon to Office 365 Tool of CubexSoft has ability to maintains and keep all mail elements intact even after migration. During MDaemon to Microsoft 365 conversion, The software continue works to maintains all mail properties accurately such as header, hyperlinks, email address/content, font, style, time stamps, etc.

Save MDaemon Mails with Attachments

MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 is an amazing tool with negligible complexities. While MDaemon backup folder in Office 365, you don’t need to worry about security of attachments. The smart utility save all associated attachments with their respective mail in Office 365. Also the tool keeps properties of attachments untouched.

Save Backup Report in TXT Format

MDaemon to Office 365 Tool is a multitasking software with multiple advance features. In the end of conversion, it provides backup report which contains all details regarding MDaemon to Office data transfer. It involves detail like starting time/date, no of files selected, output option selected, status etc. You can save the backup report in TXT format for future record.

Support all Windows and MDaemon Versions

MDaemon to Office 365 Migration tool support to run on all machines having Windows OS of 32 bit and 64 bit including versions 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP etc. Also the tool is capable of moving data from all MDaemon edition without any difficulty.

Simple to Use Application

MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 Migration Tool comes with such an attractive and users friendly graphical interface. There is no requirement to have any technical skills to operate the tool. Users from any background i.e. technical or non-technical and handle the tool with ease to move date from MDaemon worldclient to Office 365.

Screenshots of MDaemon to Office 365 Software

Easy steps to export MDaemon database to Office 365:

Free Download MDaemon to Office 365 Software

View all the Specifications of CubexSoft MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365

Software Name: CubexSoft MDaemon to Office 365
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 12.9
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 31.5 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Utilize the trial edition of MDaemon to Office 365 Tool to test the working of the software. Free trial edition facilitate conversion of first 25 MDaemon mails from each selected folder to Office 365 without any charges.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-out the most common asked queries of CubexSoft MDaemon to Office 365

Follow instant steps to migrate emails from MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365:

  • Step 1 –: Download and launch MDaemon to Office 365 365 Tool on your Windows System.
  • Step 2 –: Click either Select Files or Select Folders to add MDaemon files or folders for migration and hit Next button.
  • Step 3 –: Now the software start showing list of all MDaemon items in the software pane. Click Next.
  • Step 4 –: Choose Office 365 as output option from the list of “Select Saving Option”.
  • Step 5 –: Fill login details of Office 365 account i.e. Email I’d and Password and apply filters for selective migration.
  • Step 6 –: After filling all the required information, hit Connect button.
  • Step 7 –: In the end a message box open which reads "Process Completed Successfully". Click Ok to end the process.

You can move maximum of 25 mails from each selected folder to Office 365 for free of cost. For unlimited MDaemon Mailbox to Office 365 conversion, get access to license version.

MDaemon to Microsoft 365 Tool facilitate selective conversion. You can MDaemon contact separately to Office 365 without any difficulty.

Yes, you can move unlimited MDaemon mails to Office 365 in batch in just one time processing and without any data loss.

No, there is no need to install MDaemon in your system to move MDaemon mailbox to Office 365.

Item Filter equipped with MDaemon items with checkboxes. You can choose the checkbox of desired items that you want to migrate into Office 365 and the tool will move the data of that folder into O365 account in spite of migrating all items.

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