How to Import MBOX Files into Spicebird

Follow the precise conversion guide for importing MBOX files into Spicebird with Easy Steps

Spicebird is a popular web based & open source free email client application that make use of MBOX format to manage the email data. And in order to import MBOX into Spicebird, there is a method discussed below which will make understand the entire import process of MBOX files into Spicebird email client. –

Steps to Import MBOX to Spicebird

Quickly download, install & launch Spicebird email client application on the system to carry out the required task successfully. Moreover, make sure that you keep all the MBOX folders in the default location of Spicebird –

Step 1 - Then Open Spicebird
Step 2 - Under Local Folders tab, you will see Accounts section. Now click on "View settings for this account"
Step 3 - Copy the default location of Spicebird shown under Local Directory option
Step 4 - Go to File Menu >> click on "Open saved messages" option
Step 5 - Copy & paste the Spicebird default destination path in the navigation bar.
Step 6 - Now, write the required MBOX folder name in the search File Name tab & click on Open
Step 7 - After done with the process, you will see all the folders of MBOX i.e. inbox.mbox, outbox.mbox, sent.mbox and etc. under Local Folders