How to Import MBOX Files into Netscape

Powerful step by step procedure for importing MBOX files into Netscape Email Application

Netscape is a popular email client program which is especially designed for the investigation point of view. This email application is well-supported with SSL protocol i.e. Secure Socket Layer in order to secure the online one to one communication process. It belongs to Mozilla family like Thunderbird and SeaMonkey email application. It also make use of MBOX format to store its email data. The default location that Netscape use to store the information is:–

C: \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\2yv6fh2e.slt\Mail

Steps to Import MBOX Files to NetScape

First, download, configure & launch Netscape email application on the system. Also make sure that you keep all the MBOX files on the Netscape default location –

Step 1 - Quickly open Netscape Email Client on the system
Step 2 - Now go to Edit >> Click on Mail & Newsgroups Settings
Step 3 - A Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings Window will appear. Choose the Local Folders option.
Step 4 - Copy the default location of NetScape Local Directory >> Click on OK button
Step 5 - Now, go to the Main Window of Netscape email client
Step 6 - Go to File menu of the main Window & click on Open
Step 7 - Open File Window will appear & quickly paste the copied default location in the navigation bar
Step 8 - Choose the required MBOX file to view and click on Open
Step 9 - You will see the data of the chosen MBOX file on the screen