Zimbra to eM Client Tool to Convert Zimbra Mails to eM Client

Step-by-Step Process to Batch Export Zimbra Emails to eM Client with Attachments

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There are many users who are looking a solution to move from Zimbra Desktop to eM Client email app and why is it so? We will discuss the process in the section and a proper solution which will help to migrate Zimbra mailbox to eM Client application. But before that, let us first understand quick things about Zimbra and eM Client.

What is Zimbra Desktop?

Zimbra Desktop is an extensively used desktop based email client, a part of Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Although, it is little bit difficult to connect Zimbra to Exchange Server but some reports came up that proves it is possible, one can connect Zimbra to host of other services. The main feature that sets Zimbra apart is the capability to connect to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Zimbra can connect to Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Mail and number of other third party email hosts. One can easily get used to the interface of Zimbra and after that you will find it more powerful and useful. Apart from this, still there are many users who wants to switch to different email programs like eM Client due to few aspects that are lacking in Zimbra application.

What is eM Client?

And eM Client is the application which is fully optimized to run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can easily connected to third-party POP/IMAP servers such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail and simply imported from other email applications. It also offers full-featured calendar that can synchronize Gmail calendar or mobile device. Messages can be tagged, searched and easily filtered with an interface that is easy for navigation. eM Client also includes strong tool that allows to share contacts with other users and can Sync Google contacts. If you won't connect eM Client with Exchange then also you will enjoy rich feature easy to use email application.

Reasons to Move from Zimbra to eM Client

Zimbra is popular and most used email client but there are three most common issues that has become the reasons why a user needs a different email platform for communication.

  • Zimbra provides the service that allows to create multiple accounts in single interface and on the other side it delivers slow response rate.
  • Takes a lot of time in synchronization.
  • Configuring Zimbra account quite be disappointing for those who wants everything in a fast speed.

So, after analysing few essential points, experts started delivering methods that can easily convert Zimbra mails to eM Client. Because switching from one application to another is easy but viewing files created in earlier email client will be difficult in new application.

Each email client supports different formats to store their information. Zimbra keeps all its contacts, emails, calendar, briefcase and other folder items in TGZ zip folder whereas eM Client use .eml extension to save email files with attachments. So, when you switched to eM Client from Zimbra and trying to open TGZ file in it then an error message will appear because it won't allow any file to be opened other than .eml.

Solution for Exporting Zimbra to eM Client Successfully

There are two methods available for exporting Zimbra to eM Client that are mentioned below:

How to Convert Zimbra to eM Client?

In order to move Zimbra mails to eM Client, it is important to first know the process of how to extract TGZ folder from Zimbra and then by utilizing appropriate third party solution one can copy Zimbra mail folder to eM Client with attachments.

Step 1.Download and run Zimbra to eM Client Tool on the system.

Step 2.Click on Add File or Add Folder to load extracted TGZ folder and view its file on Preview window before final conversion.

Step 3.Press Export and select EML as a saving option. Also, choose the sub-options as per requirement and continue further.

Step 4.Tap Browse button, select destination path and hit Convert.

Follow the steps and successfully import .eml extension files to supported eM Client application:

Step 1.Open eM Client on Windows system. Go to Menu option appearing on top left corner, click File and select Import.

Step 2.Import window will be displayed, choose Email (.eml) from Files option and hit Next.

Step 3.Click Browse, load EML file/folder from its stored location. Select Include subfolders option to import EML files with all subfolders.

Step 4.Press Select Folder button, choose required mail folder in which you want to import EML files to eM Client.

Step 5.After choosing the mail folder, if you want to move EML files in the new folder then click New Folder option.

Step 6.Provide the desired name to the folder and click OK.

Step 7.Once done with all options, click Finish to start process of importing .eml files.

Step 8.View the live import process progress report. After process completes, click OK..

Zimbra to eM Client Tool

Zimbra to eM Client is a strong and all-in-one conversion tool which is simple and quick to access. No Zimbra email client is necessary to batch export Zimbra mails to eM Client with attachments. Easily operable by all users ranging from professionals to home users. Email components and folder structure will remain preserved and unaltered during the entire process. One can download and run the application on all versions of Windows OS including Win 10.

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*


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