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Adding Office 365 email to Windows Live Mail is inclination these days. Several users have encountered something inappropriate happening when they were not able to access their cloud database account just because of the failure internet connection, virus attacks, software/ hardware failure & many other reasons. Are you a needy person and searching for an effective solution to export emails from Office 365 to Windows Live Mail? Then follow the given write-up that describes the reasons and solutions to your problems. But before that let's get some tips about Office 365 & Windows Live Mail.

Tips on Office 365

Office 365 is provided by Microsoft so it also called Microsoft 365.It is a Web-based edition of Microsoft Office Suite of commercial grade productivity apps. It is provided through the cloud & includes Exchange Online for email, Lync online for unified communications, a suite of Office Web Apps, Web-based editions of the usual Microsoft Office package of apps and SharePoint Online for collaboration. It was firstly announced in October, 2010 but not widely available until June, 2011. This new MS office suite was generated to replace the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite for commercial users; however, it provides multiple plans to suit the requirements of commercial & personal users in addition to commercial users. Office 365 users have the option of using the app in MS Office 2010.

Facts about Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is an email program by Microsoft. It is a part of Windows Essentials package which can be easily downloaded. It is the successor edition of Windows Mail which succeeded OE on Windows XP. It is compatible with Windows 7 & later editions. Now it supports all web-based apps such as Hotmail, Gmail & Yahoo! It automatically synchronizes with Windows Live Contacts. It provides multi-line message list and a photo mail function to send & receive photo by attachment in the mail. It supports spell check function & emotions, etc. Basically it supports multiple advance function and stores all data in .eml file format.

EML file Extension

EML is a file format for single mail message which saved to a file in the MIME RGC 822 standard format by MS Outlook Express similarly other email apps. It contains plain ASCII text for the main email body & headers as well as attachments & hyperlinks. It may be exported for the use of archiving and save or scanning for malware. The Nimda virus is known to generate EML file. When .eml files are found as an included attachment it is good practice to scan with anti-virus before opening them.

Export O365 to Windows Live Mail? Reasons and Solutions

In this section, the possible reasons and solution for adding Office 365 emails to Windows Live Mail are discused.

Reasons for O365 to Live Mail Migration

Solution to Import Cloud data Locally

Why Users Prefer Office 365 Import Windows Live Mail

Office 365 surely assists users for their business continuity & expansion, but there are several conditions when they were required to export emails from Office 365 to Windows Live Mail. The main reasons are explained as follows –

  • Microsoft's drawback to provide exact solution for adding Office 365 to Windows Live Mail data. Although, Microsoft offers facility to maintain Office 365 data safely, but where no one knows about this fact. Also, the time duration of maintaining this data at its location is 14 days only & after that you cannot use it at any cost.
  • Sometimes, users are not capable to use the cloud data because of the lost internet connection.
  • Many times, after Office 365 accounts are attacked by ransomware, users have to pay ransom money to use their valuable data.

Therefore, to solve the above issues, users find out for an exact solution to export Office 365 email to Windows Live Mail at their local machine. Adding their cloud data locally helps them recover their data smartly in case of any disastrous conditions, as explained above. But the main query now is "How to Export mails from O365 webmail to Live Mail"?

Observing the trouble faced by Microsoft 365 users, they find for a good solution to add their Office 365 data to Windows Live Mail on their local system, to be simply used in Windows Live Mail. Now the query is "Is there any Export option available in Office 365 to access its emails in Live Mail?" Then the answer is NO.

Solution# Professional Method Export from Office 365 to Windows Live Mail

Office 365 to Windows Live Mail Import Tool that will offer simple & quick solution for exact & complete conversion of Microsoft O365 to Live Mail. The utility supports to convert Office 365 email to Windows Live Mail including attachments & images. No matter that you are a technical user or non-technical, you can simply use it because it supports very simple GUI so anyone can easily operate it without any issue. To know about the working procedure of the app, follow the given steps –

First convert your Office 365 emails to EML format using the software and following below steps

After converting Office 365 files into EML file format, Import all Files in Windows Live Mail by File Menu >> Import Messages >> Windows Live Mail. Then Import converted .eml files in Windows Live Mail.

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*


Highlighting Features – Office 365 to Windows Live Mail Utility

  • Convert O365 to Live Mail with attachments & images.
  • Batch export Office 365 mailbox to Live Mail
  • Maintains entire emails data integrity throughout the conversion
  • Keeps folder hierarchy as it is.
  • No limitations of files quantity for Microsoft Exchange online tenant conversion to Live Mail.
  • Filter function to export specific O365 data to Live Mail.
  • Supports all editions of Windows OS.

Download the software which provides facility to know about how to export emails from O365 to Windows Live Mail. Download free trial edition that provides facility to convert first 100 emails from Microsoft O365 to Windows Live Mail without any cost. After taking a trial and know about the working procedure,go with the licensed edition of the Exchange Online to Windows Live Mail Tool.

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