How to Add Mail from Office 365 to Apple Mail?

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Saving Office 365 data into some desktop based application is habit these days as many users have faced some unfortunate incidents when they were unable to access their cloud database due to failed internet connection, hardware/software failure, virus/ransomware attacks and many other reasons. Are you one of them and looking for a permanent solution to migrate your entire emails from Office 365 to Apple Mail? Then follow the below write-up that will explain the reasons and solutions to your problems. But before that let's find out some facts about Office 365 and Mac Apple Mail.

Some Facts on Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based application to accessed anywhere at any time. It's a subscription based hosted application that includes MS Office application, hosted Exchange Server, SharePoint, 60 Skype minutes per month, Free data storage facility on One Drive, Yammer, Sway and many more, based on the subscription plans. Since the application is hosted on cloud, you don't have any direct access or authority to your data. The most common subscription plans offered are :

Office 365 for Home

  • Office 365 Home
  • Office 365 Personal
  • Office 365 Home & Student for PC

Office 365 for Business

  • Office 365 Business
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Business Essentials

Facts about Mac Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a free email client, developed by Apple Inc. The application is accessible on Mac OS, iOS and Apple watch. The application allows configuration of multiple Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, IMAP, or POP accounts without any problems. With all editions of Mac OS X series operating system, users can avail Apple Mail as default application for sending and receiving messages, including other benefits like :

  • "Smart mailboxes" that works on Spotlight technology for email management
  • Flag messages according to priorities – high, medium, low
  • Option to resize photos
  • Personalized stationary
  • View images as screenshots
  • HTML email messages composition

EML is a file format for single mail message which saved to a file in the MIME RGC 822 standard format by MS Outlook Express similarly other email apps. It contains plain ASCII text for the main email body & headers as well as attachments & hyperlinks. It may be exported for the use of archiving and save or scanning for malware. The Nimda virus is known to generate EML file. When .eml files are found as an included attachment it is good practice to scan with anti-virus before opening them.

Reasons and Solutions to Export Office 365 to Apple Mail

Explore some mentioned reasons & solution about the Migration of Office 365 to Apple Mail -

Reasons for O365 to Apple Mail Conversion

Solution to Import Exchange Online data Locally

Why Import Office 365 to Mac Mail?

Office 365 is definitely helping users with their business expansion and continuity, but there are many situations when they need to import Office 365 mail to Apple Mail, which is Mac OS X based email application. The main reason are discussed as follows :

  • Microsoft's inability to provide permanent solution to save Office 365 data. Though Microsoft provides facility to keep Office 365 data safe, but where, nobody knows. Also, the duration of keeping this data at its location is 14 days only and after that you cannot access it at any cost.
  • Many times you are unable to access your cloud data due to lost internet connection.
  • Recently, many users suffered when their Office 365 accounts were attacked by ransomware and they had to pay hefty amounts as ransom to access their valuable data as they had no choice other than that.

So to avoid the above problems, users look for a solution to migrate their data from Office 365 on Mac Mail at their local system. Saving their cloud data locally will help them recover their data precisely in case of any disastrous situations, as described above.

Solution# Professional Method Perform Migration from Microsoft Office 365 to Apple Mail?

Considering the problems faced by Exchange online users, they look for a solution to save their data on their local system, to be easily accessed in Mac Mail. Now the question is "Does Microsoft provide any direct option to add Office 365 mail to Apple Mail?" Then the answer is NO.

So what is the solution now? Simple, use a third party tool that will provide easy and quick solution for complete migration of Exchange online mailboxes to local desktop. One such application is Office 365 to Apple Mail Migration utility that supports to convert O365 user mailbox data with accurate data and including attachments too. Bulk migration is one of the mail highlights of the software that provides "Application Impersonation" option to import multiple Mailboxes from Office 365 to Mac Mail. The application is very simple to use for all users, no matter whether they are from technical or non-technical background. The complete process is very simple to follow and includes the following steps :

Firstly download the software and convert Office 365 data into MBOX file format with given step by step process.

Copy MBOX files to your Mac system (via any external drive - pen drive, hard disk, etc.) Read More for further information

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*


Benefits offered by Office 365 to Apple Mail Utility

  • Convert Exchange Online mail to Apple Mail with attachments
  • Application Impersonation option to batch import Office 365 to Apple Mail
  • Maintain complete data integrity throughout the migration process.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy of source as well as output data
  • No file size limitation for Microsoft office 365 tenant migration to Mac
  • Filter option to convert specific Exchange online data before migration
  • Supports all Windows OS

Download Free Office 365 OWA to Mac Mail Tool that provides detailed steps about how to import Office 365 mail to Apple Mail. The software is FREE to download and allows conversion of first 100 emails from selected user mailbox of Office 365 to Mac Mail. After getting satisfying results with the free evaluation copy, go ahead to purchase the licensed edition of the Office 365 to Apple Mail Tool.

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