Migrate IceWarp Emails to MS Exchange

Move and Import IceWarp Mail Server Data to New Server

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Are you seeking a query like how can I IceWarp move to New Server i.e. Microsoft Exchange? If yes, then first you have to import IceWarp mail server data to PST file, then you move those PST files in Exchange server.

Now, not to worry, in this article, you will find the perfect solution to migrate IceWarp to new server. Here we are providing complete information about IceWarp mail server and why users need to perform IceWarp to Exchange migration.

So, now let us understand what an IceWarp is and what are the reasons to migrate data from IceWarp to Exchange 2013, 2016, 2019 or any other edition.

What is an IceWarp?

IceWarp Mail Server is developed by IceWarp Ltd., is an independent groupware server that is supportable to run on number of platforms i.e. Windows and Linux. Previous known as Merak Mail Server, it offers secure (256bit AES encryption) and dependable architecture to co-ordinate and share files, journals, contacts, and tasks etc. along with - emailing, calendaring. Its protocols contain: SyncML, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, FTP etc. A feature rich application, IceWarp gives complete support for emails, IM, SMS, a VoIP server, video and voice communication and browser based interface for both Administrators (WebAdmin) and Users (WebClient). The application offers BYOD backing and support for tablets and smartphones too and that too with Anti-spam and Anti-virus security.

IceWarp stores all its data in a local directory of the system, situated at:

C:\Program Files\IceWarp\mail\example.com\admin\inbox

Note: example.com is a domain name and admin is a user account. Both things are made at the time of IceWarp configuration and may very accordingly.

IceWarp Server involve a suite of components that contains:

  • Mail Server
  • Web Mail
  • Web IM
  • Groupware
  • WebDAV
  • VoIP
  • Web Server

Reasons to Migrate IceWarp to MS Exchange Server?

Still IceWarp is a great choice for small as same as some large business groups but it can't be suggested as a MUST use application. There might be number of causes for this, some of them are given below, displaying IceWarp - Exchange comparison:

  • In the large enterprises, IceWarp may create many problems through integrating with MS Outlook, while there is no such trouble with MS Exchange server.
  • Using number of servers at the similar time may excess SMTP services that may create more problems. There is nothing of that sort with MS Exchange.
  • IceWarp is not as widely held as its equivalents, like MS Exchange. Therefore, there are not numerous support forums or communities existing on the internet. Administrators only have to trust upon the proprietary support and that too comes in 48 hours, which means users must wait for 2 days to get technical support. Within these two days, their work is paused, which is a total waste of time. Additionally, MS Exchange is a very popular application and its users and administrators find quick solution in case of any situation.

Solution for IceWarp Move to New Server

Let's have a look on complete process to export IceWarp Server to Exchange Server

Part - 1. Extract Mails from IceWarp

To import IceWarp emails to MS Exchange or another application, you need to first move them from IceWarp that permits to convert its emails in HTML, EML, and Text file format. Most of the email applications support .eml format as their inborn file format. Now, follow the below listed steps to migrate IceWarp Mail Server emails in .eml format:

  1. First, open IceWarp and login to your account
  2. Now, go to Mails section and choose a mail. If you need to move all the emails, then choose them by using Ctrl + A keys.
  3. After choosing all the emails, right click or press on the Hamburger icon displaying just above the emails
  4. Press on Save As… option
  5. Choose EML as the file format for downloading IceWaro email messages
  6. You will have the converted IceWarp emails in a Zip file. Now, go to the location and unzip the zipped file to get the migrated IceWarp emails.

Now, that you have extracted email messages from IceWarp, get ready for IceWarp Migration to Exchange Server and other applications like O365, Gmail/Google Apps, MS Outlook, with IceWarp Mail Server Migration Tool.

Part - 2. Export IceWarp Emails to Exchange

For IceWarp move to New Server i.e. MS Exchange., first you have to convert all the data from IceWarp Mail Server into PST format. And for successful conversion of IceWarp emails to PST file, nothing is better than using a third party application. IceWarp Exchange Migration Tool is such an application that gives support for IceWarp move mail folder to Exchange 2013, 2016, 2019, or any latest or below editions. It is simple to use application, which is convenient for each user, irrespective of their work profile (technical/non-technical). All other features of the IceWarp to Exchange Migration Tool includes:

  • Allows bulk migration from IceWarp server to Exchange Server in a single time
  • All the emails metadata, formatting, and attachments are retained in exact manner
  • Provides preview facility to view the IceWarp emails before taking the actual conversion step
  • Suitable for converting IceWarp to Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, and Google Apps

Steps to Import IceWarp Emails in Microsoft Exchange

Step 1. Follow step by step process to migrate IceWarp Mail Server Data to PST Format:

Step 2. Import PST Files into Exchange Server

To transfer the resultant PST files into Microsoft Exchange, you need to create mailbox import request, which includes a few steps that are listed below:

Use the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) to create a mailbox import request

  1. In the EAC (Exchange Admin Center), first go to Recipients > Mailboxes > click on More options and choose Import PST.
  2. Now, Import from a .pst wizard opens. On the first page, type the UNC location and the filename of the source .pst file. Once, you accomplish, press on Next.
  3. When you are finished, press Next.

  4. On the next page, choose the target mailbox, and then choose one of these options:
    • Import to this mailbox
    • Import to this mailbox archive
  5. When you are completed, click on Next.

  6. On the last page, configure one of these settings:
    • Leave the send email to the mailbox below once the .pst file has been moved check box selected. Press on the Browse option to add or remove notification recipients.
    • Clear the Send email to the mailbox below once the .pst file has been exported check box.
  7. When you’re achieved, press on Finish button.

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*


Before buying its license version, you can check the software by using its free trial version that allows to convert 25 emails from IceWarp to Exchange with attachments.

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