Convert Email Data from DreamMail to Thunderbird

Step-by-Step Working Guide to Export DreamMail Files to Thunderbird

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Are you searching for a complete solution to move emails from DreamMail to Thunderbird? If yes, then not to worry, here you will find the best method to save your DreamMail data to Thunderbird. In the below section, we are providing two techniques for users who need to convert DreamMail messages to Mozilla Thunderbird along with all emails and attachments.

But, before you learn how to migrate DreamMail EML to MBOX Thunderbird, first let's discuss what DreamMail is and why users are switching from DreaMail to Thunderbird file format.

What is DreamMail?

DreamMail is a Windows based email client that is capable to manage multiple accounts and multi-user to access DreamMail email account. It supports protocol like Hotmail, POP3, SMTP, eSMTP and SSL. It help user to spam filter examines the dangerous files and also manages message rules, whitelist, and blacklist that allows dealing with spam emails. DreamMail is exporting email messages from Outlook Express and FoxMail and stored in MBOX files. The DreamMail application allows user to connect directly to the mail server.

How to Extract EML Files from DreamMail?

Follow the below-given steps to extract EML files from DreamMail:-

Start DreamMail application and choose the DreamMail Files to export

Go to File and click on Export and select Save Mail as EML file (*.eml)

Then a browse folder will pop up >> Browse the file saving location >> OK

Need to Move DreamMail EML Files to Thunderbird

DreamMail has few restrictions which are the main reasons for exporting from it to Thunderbird i.e. DreamMail doesn't support IMAP accounts, it doesn't support all kinds of Operating Systems, it supports generally English & Chinese while Mozilla Thunderbird supports all these things and it is easy to use.

The main reason may be that users would like to upgrade with new latest OS while DreamMail doesn't support all types of OS so there are lots of users who are trying to work with latest windows operating system then want to switch from Dream mail to Thunderbird.

Solution to Export DreamMail to Thunderbird

The two methods are discussed below that makes it easy for the users to convert DreamMail to Thunderbird.

Solution#1. Manual Method

After executing all above procedure of extraction of EML files from DreamMail you can transfer all of them into Thunderbird with manual method. So, follow the mentioned below steps to continue further:

  1. Open Thunderbird email client on your system
  2. Select the folder where you want to import the extracted data file. If you want to save the data in new folder, then you can create one by right clicking on Local folder and selecting the option "New Folder".
  3. Now select the files from your saved location, simply drag and drop them to the selected folder in Thunderbird.

Cons of Manual Method:

  • No guarantee of successful result
  • Not supportable for bulk data conversion
  • Process may fail due to lengthy and complex process
  • High chances of data loss

Solution#2. Third Party Tool – DreamMail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

Follow step-by-step tutorial to effortlessly export Apple Mail emails to PDF with all components:

  • Step 1 Install EML to MBOX software on your system.
  • Step 2. The software shows all the desktop items on the left panel that allows you to directly visit the location where you have stored EML file and load the same on the interface for migration.
  • Step 3. After choosing the EML files, you can preview the selected mail before migration.
  • Step 4. Then, click on Export and choose MBOX format to save EML file into MBOX and select File naming options and choose destination path where you want to save the output files.
  • Step 5. Click on Convert button to start the conversion process
  • Step 6. After that a new messages will automatically appear "Conversion Done Successfully". Then click on OK button to finish the process.

Once, the process finished, you will get MBOX files, but for completing the task of DreamMail to Thunderbird, you need to import MBOX files into Thunderbird.

For importing MBOX files in Thunderbird email app, visit here:

Why Choose Third Party Tool for Achieving the Conversion Task?

Because the DreamMail mail to Thunderbird Software provides too many benefits for users that helps you to effectively achieve the migration task of DreamMail to Thunderbird:

  1. Support to convert bulk emails data from DreamMail mailbox to Thunderbird
  2. Preserves folder hierarchy and structure of DreamMail folder throughout the process
  3. Provides simple GUI that is easy to use by any professional and non-professional users
  4. Preview option offers for making DreamMail to Thunderbird data conversion effective
  5. Able to transfer all emails, emails formatting, layout, metadata and attachments in accurate manner
  6. Provides 100% guarantee of accurate result after the conversion process

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*


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