DXL to PDF Converter

Export DXL Files to PDF Adobe with Attachments

  • Convert DXL to PDF with Effortless Process
  • Export batch DXL messages to PDF from Domino Server
  • Supports Domino (XML) to PDF with all elements of emails
  • Adobe Reader is required for viewing converted PDF files
  • Compatible with all Domino Server versions – 9, 8.5, 8.0, etc.

Installation of IBM Notes Required

* Trial Version of DXL to PDF Converter exports only 20 emails from each mailbox of DXL files to PDF.

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Helpful Benefits of CubexSoft DXL to PDF Tool

Export DXL Domino (XML) to PDF Perfectly

The Software is generated after observing all requirements of users about the conversion of DXL Domino to PDF. So, it will effortlessly convert DXL files to PDF without misplacing any details of data.

Batch Approach for Quick Migration

The program is ultimate solution when you need quick conversion and want to convert all DXL files into PDF at once. It provides Browse Folder option for exporting folder of entire DXL files to PDF in one round processing.

Compatibility with all Adobe Reader versions

It cares about all your need for converting Domino (XML) to PDF, so all the versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (9, 8, 8.5, etc.) are easily supported by the DXL Domino XML to PDF Tool.

Availability for Filters of data

DXL to PDF Conversion tool has filter facility to assist you to export Domino DXL files to Adobe in easier & effective way. The Export Tool provides multiple filters – Email Address, Date, Subject, etc.

Options for Saving Attachments Separately

Everyone may have Attachments with Emails data, which they may want to save them either embed within PDF files or separately from PDF file. So the program offers options to save emails along with Attachments or saving attachments in separate folder from converted PDF file.

Required - Domino Server/ Lotus Notes installation

To run the DBX to PDF Converter program, Domino Server/ Lotus Notes installation must be available in your machine. Before running the software, close the Domino Server and then choose DXL file from the location.

Compatibility with all Lotus Notes/Domino Server editions

The program is generated after all necessities of users to convert DXL messages to PDF, so it easily support all editions of Domino Server / Lotus Notes – 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, etc.

Compatibility with all Windows OS

The DXL file to PDF Tool is Windows based App, so it easily supports all types of Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) Operating System such as – Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vista, XP, etc.


Try DXL to PDF Converter & start converting DXL Domino XML to PDF...

Trial Limitations of DXL to PDF Converter

Trial edition is capable to help you check out the functionality of the software. You can convert 20 emails from Domino DXL files to PDF without any charges.

Screenshots of the CubexSoft DXL to PDF Tool

DXL files to PDF conversion tool is most helpful app when you need to convert DXL to PDF. Some main screenshots of the software are given below to understand about the working modes of the conversion software.

Helpful Way to Export DXL Domino XML to PDF

After Launching the DXL to PDF Converter Tool, It will be shown as -

After selecting DXL files, The tool will be displayed as -

The Tool displaying migration processing picture for DXL to PDF

How to Convert DXL File to PDF - Online Guide

Step 1 - Download & Launch the Software then Select Files for conversion

After downloading the tool, select DXL files from the saving Location by "Add File"/"Add Folder" Function

How to Convert Domino Document to PDF
Step 2 - After selecting DXL files, check preview & Click on Export Function

As you select files, the software will provide complete preview of selected files. Check it first after that click on "Export" Function of the Software to proceed to the next step.

Successful DXL File to PDF Adobe Conversion
Step 3 - Choose Export Preferences

As you click on Export Option, there will open a new Export Preferences Window having multiple options to save files. Choose the one the suits your requirement for saving DXL files into PDF.

  • Saving PDF File - This Option provides opportunity to save individual PDF files for each email or creating single PDF for all emails.
  • Naming Convention - This option provides multiple file naming options to save files with exact timing, receiving & date format.
  • Attachments - This option provides chance to save Attachments along with PDF files or in separete folder from PDF file.
  • Destination - This option is for choosing path or location to save converted files after migration.

Then Click on Export Option to Start the Migration Process.

Step 4 - Then Software will complete DXL to PDF Export Process.

Within Few Minutes, the Software will complete conversion processing from DXL to PDF alongwith displaying progressing status bar.

Frequently Asked Questions about the DXL files to PDF Conversion

How many files can I convert into PDF from Domino XML in one time processing?

You can convert unlimited files in a folder of Domino XML into PDF in single time processing.

Can I use this software while Domino Server in running mode?

No, First Close your Domino Server and collect your DXL files from Domino XML. Then you can easily convert them into PDF file format with all data.

Is there any file size limitation for DXL to PDF conversion?

No, the software provides unlimited file size conversion opportunity to export DXL files to PDF.

Is Lotus Notes installation required to convert DXL files to PDF?

Yes, Lotus Notes email client must be installed on the system before proceeding with the conversion of Domino XML to PDF.

Comparison v/s Trial & Full Edition

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Add Single & Multiple DXL File(s)
Split Converted PST
Supports all Latest Windows OS
Conversion Converts first 20 items from each Folders Converts all emails from DXL Files
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Testimonials Clients’ views about DXL Domino Document to PDF


"Exporting large amount & heavy sized DXL Domino files to PDF is a processing of few minutes with DXL Domino to PDF Converter. I recommends thi solution for quick & exact converting of Domino DXL files to Adobe Reader file format."

Melisa |France 

"Investing in CubexSoft Software proved to be an exact choice for me as I achieved what I wanted. I could easily export entire DXL Domino files to PDF within few minutes with complete accuracy."

Liza |Switzerland