How Do I Delete Multiple Emails in Thunderbird

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Sometimes, we encounter problems with a significant amount of duplicate emails in our inbox. Identical emails from other users and the same user are piling up in your mailbox. And you’re trying to find a dependable way to get rid of duplicate emails in Thunderbird? The best way to complete this challenging work is to read this blog.

In this article, we’ll talk about the problem of many users seeing duplicate emails in Thunderbird. This post will provide you with an easy method for solving how do I delete multiple emails in Thunderbird.

What is MBOX File Format?

Email communications are most frequently stored on memory storage devices using the MBOX format. MBOX has a sizable archive of email message files. A lot of email clients save their files in the MBOX format. Additionally, MBOX is used by email clients including Eudora, Microsoft Entourage, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird to store and manage their data files. You can keep a collection of emails pertaining to your company as well as other emails using it. The mailbox messages are saved by the MBOX in the original format from the internet.

Why Does Thunderbird Continue to Send Out a Lot of Identical Emails?

There are a few possible causes for duplicate emails in Thunderbird after a careful examination into the possible causes of duplicate email creation. We’ve mentioned a handful of the common causes below:

If you discover a lot of subfolders, your Thunderbird account may contain duplicate emails.

If you receive more than one email from the same sender in your mailbox, there may be a server or internet problem on the sender’s end.

When utilizing Thunderbird in both offline and online modes, there’s a possibility that the same email will be uploaded multiple times. An interruption in the connection between the server and the destination could potentially affect the files’ uploading process.

The same emails were posted to your profile multiple times when you used Thunderbird on different devices.

Every email client frequently encounters server issues, which frequently result in the same email being downloaded repeatedly due to a server error.

How to Handle Duplicate Emails in Thunderbird Manually

If you’ve been using Thunderbird for a long, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the tedious process of using plugins to manually remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird. However, we will now walk you through the manual process of removing duplicate emails from Thunderbird.

An add-on for Thunderbird email clients that has been developed and built by various developers is called a plugin. These plugins are supported by Thunderbird.

Now, follow these guidelines to remove redundant emails from your Thunderbird account:

1. Turn on your computer and launch Thunderbird.

2. Navigate to the left-hand Thunderbird Menu bar.

3. Select Add-ons and Themes, then type “Remove Duplicates” into the search bar.

4. Select Add to Thunderbird or Delete Duplicate Messages.

5. Start Thunderbird again after installing the add-on in your Thunderbird account.

6. Go back to your account section and right-click on the folders holding the duplicate emails. From the menu, choose “Remove Duplicates.”

7. A pop-up window will appear if there are duplicate emails in your inbox. Otherwise, it will show “No duplicate messages detected”.

You have to go through each of your Thunderbird folders one step at a time with this process. Furthermore, Thunderbird does not allow you to remove duplicate emails in bulk. Thus, if you’re a firm looking for a dependable and efficient technique to finish this assignment. The finest remedy can be found by reading on.

A Fast & Reliable Method for Eliminating Identical Emails in a Thunderbird Account

A quick and reliable method for getting rid of a lot of duplicate emails from a Thunderbird account at once is to use the CubexSoft MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool. It makes it easier to remove multiple Thunderbird duplicate emails at once in bulk.

Key Benefits of the Thunderbird Duplicate Email Elimination Tool

  • Eliminate duplicate emails from your Thunderbird account in one easy step.
  • Steer clear of corrupting Thunderbird mailbox data while doing the uninstallation.
  • Enables you to reduce redundant data that takes up space in your email, improving the quality of the contents inside.
  • Preserved the integrity of the original data and the email’s features throughout the process.
  • Duplicates with the same properties can be eliminated using the email filter settings.
  • Generates new data in the resultant file without altering the data.

How to Get Rid of A Lot of Identical Emails in Thunderbird

The steps to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird using fully automated software are simple to understand and follow. The methods mentioned above can now be used to remove duplicate emails in masse.

1: Install the software on your Windows computer after downloading it. To begin the Thunderbird file duplicate removal process, open it next.

2: After launching the application, you have two options for loading Thunderbird files and folders.

3: Check or uncheck the pertinent Thunderbird file data that shows on the software’s screen, then click “Next” to proceed.

4: Select “Search Duplicate across the Folder(s)” or “Search Duplicate within the Folder(s)” according on your needs.

5: Use the advanced filter option to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird.

6: Select where you wish to keep the files that are going to be created. Next, select the Extract option to start removing duplicate Thunderbird mailboxes and settings.

7: Watch for the screen to finally provide a notification of confirmation. Press the “OK” button to finish.

In summary

Eliminating duplicate emails from your active email program is easy, and eliminating a few duplicate emails by hand is also a straightforward procedure. However, when we have a ton of duplicate emails in our functional email client, it is really irritating and causes a lot of mistakes in your work.

Here, we provided a fully automated and a manual way for how do I delete multiple emails in Thunderbird. You are free to choose whatever method works best for you, but I highly recommend using the MBOX Tool free sample edition first to familiarize yourself with its key functions and features, which allow you to easily remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird.