Best Trick to Set Up Office 365 Application Impersonation Rights

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In the following article, we will discuss how to grant the rights of Application Impersonation in O365 mailboxes by using Office 365 Exchange Admin Portal.

The functionality of Application Impersonation in Exchange Online is very helpful for the administrators. It is one of the amazing feature of Office 365 that provide the authority to the required user to do any activities on the behalf of O365 admin without having login details. The option is very helpful in many scenarios like PST migration to O365, integration with telephone system, CRM Integration, scheduling local backups of O365 mailboxes, Offboarding and moving users from one platform to another.

Steps for Configuring Impersonation in Office 365 by using Exchange Admin Portal

Application Impersonation feature is available on MS Exchange Server 2007 and MS Office 365 Plan E3. Follow the step to set up Application Impersonation in O365 with Exchange Admin Portal.

Step 1. Login to Admin Portal of Office 365 Exchange Account

Step 2. Go to Admin Center and click Exchange.

Step 3. Select permissions, click on add icon appearing as (+) to generate new role group. Provide required name and description to role group.

Step 4. Again click (+) from roles and select ApplicationImpersonation. Click Add and tap OK.

Step 5. Now, from members click (+), select admin mailbox, click Add and hit OK.

Step 6. Once roles and member set up, click Save.

By executing the steps one can get the idea of how to grant application impersonation rights in Office 365. If you want to move users mailboxes or take the backup of all the same at once with impersonation, you can go with CubexSoft products.