Office 365 Backup Archive/Backup Exchange Online Mailboxes to PST Outlook

  • Save Office 365 database backup to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, EMLX and PDF formats
  • Create backup of entire Office 365 user account to desktop
  • Different File naming options to save Office 365 mailbox to EML, EMLX, MSG and PDF
  • Save backup of multiple Office 365 accounts at once using Admin account
  • Advance filters for selective Office 365 local Archive Mailbox folders to MS Outlook
  • Complete solution to archive Outlook Web App emails, contacts, calendars on local system

* Free Demo enables you to evaluate the software performance. Free Demo backup first 100 mails and 25 other items from Office 365 account to PST/EML and other supported formats.

Office 365 Backup Utility to save emails from Outlook Web App to computer
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Features & Benefits of Office 365 Backup Utility

Know about How to Archive Outlook Web App emails to other extensions

Backup Exchange Online Archive with Complete Data

The Tool provides complete backup of entire data including emails, contacts and calendars from selected Office 365 user accounts to PST file on local machine.

Backup Exchange Online Mailboxes to PST and other file extensions in Batch mode

Save Backup of Multiple Office 365 User Profiles in Batch

With this utility, users can also save data of multiple Office 365 user accounts at once using Application Impersonation Option. To do this they need to save all the usernames and passwords of all the user accounts in a CSV file and select this CSV file to provide credentials of multiple Office 365 user accounts at once. The output file will be generated as individual file for each account.

Working with entire Outlook editions for saving Office 365 mailbox data backup.

Save Office 365 Backup to PST/EML and other formats

The software provides multiple options for saving backup of Office 365 accounts into multiple different formats. Important - For saving Office 365 database backup to PST, MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 installation is necessary

Office 365 Mail to PDF and other formats.

Save Office 365 Mail to PDF

The software also provides option of moving Office 365 mailbox to PDF format. When PDF option is selected, the tool enables users to get OWA mailbox data either as a single PDF document or as separate PDF file for each email message. The software also provides options to save attachments as “embedded within PDF file” or “in a separate folder”.

Save Single User Account database of Office 365 to Hard Drive

Export Single User Account Data from Office 365 to Hard Drive

The software lets users to extract single Office 365 user account by providing the credentials of that particular account and save entire items of the user account mailbox to selected output file.

Maintains entire data during processing

Best Way to Archive Office 365 Mailbox with Proper Data Integrity

While saving Office 365 database to selected output formats on local hard drive, the tool retains all the email properties and contact fields unaltered. Even the calendars have all the associated details kept saved in accurate manner. The folder structure in which the data was saved in Office 365, will also remain the same after backing up Office 365 user accounts' data in different formats.

Filter Option, avialable

Archive Office 365 to PST using Date Filters

The software provides date filter option to help users create backup of Office 365 mailbox to PST between specified date ranges. Only the items appearing on or between the entered date ranges will be exported to offline PST file from Office 365 account.

Backup Calendar & Contacts files

Backup Office 365 Calendar and Contacts

Office 365 database backup Tool also provides the option to export and save calendars and contacts data from Outlook 365 user account. Just select the corresponding checkboxes to start taking backup of calendars and contacts from selected Office 365 user account profile.

File Naming Options for saving files

Backup Office 365 Webmail Data using Different Naming options

The software provides different file naming options to help users convert Office 365 emails to EML, EMLX, MSG and PDF. Users can save, categorize and manage their emails using different naming attributes like subject, from, date on their computer system locally.

Windows Compatibility

Windows Based App to Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer

Office 365 Backup Utility is a Windows based app and will run smoothly on all Windows editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc. The software provides consistent results on all Windows machine and save Office 365 user account backup to PST/PDF/EML/MBOX/MSG/EMLX with complete success.

Backup on Local Machine from Office 365.

Backup Office 365 Archive Mailbox on Local Machine

The software provides perfect platform to create offline backup of Exchange online mailbox containing emails, contacts and calendars into PST/EML format, on local system.

Product Guide

Working Steps of Office 365 Backup Tool

Office 365 Backup App - Working Guide for Single User Account

Step 1 - Launch and install the Software on your PC

First of all, launch the app on your machine. Now, enter details of your Office 365 account to login to your webmail account for which you want to save backup.

launch Office 365 Backup Tool
Step 2 - Choose Office 365 Backup option

After logging into your Office 365 account, choose "Office 365 Backup" option to save Outlook webmail data to local system.

Choose Office 365 backup option
Step 3 - Select Destination location to save Office 365 Webmail data

After selecting Office 365 backup option, the software provides the list of associated folders. Select the items which you want to backup and archive. Now, click on Browse button to select the destination location to archive Outlook Web App emails and other data on your local machine and click on Next.

select mailbox folders and browse for the location to backup Exchange online mailboxes to PST
Step 4 - Select Email Format and other categories

Office 365 Backup Tool provides different options to archive your Office 365 mailbox data - PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF and EMLX. The tool provides options to save emails, contacts and calendars from Office 365 user account to supported file format. The software also provides File naming and date filter options for selective data backup.

Note : For saving Office 365 account to PST, Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003) needs to be installed on your system. File naming option is available only in EML, EMLX, PDF and MSG format.

select output format and save Office 365 database backup
Step 5 - Check Office 365 Data Backup Progress

After choosing the desired output option and other suitable categories, the software will start saving the backup of Office 365 webmail account and displays the current folder as well as overall progress bar.

View progess report of software saving Office365 local archive mailbox
Step 6 - Complete Backup Process

Once Office 365 backup process completed, an alert window pops up and displays the message "Backup process is completed".

Software displaying alert message after transferring PST files to Office 365 account.

Office 365 Export App - Working Guide for Multiple User Accounts

Step 1 - Extract CSV File from your Office 365 Admin account

First of all, you have to extract login details of all the user accounts from your Office 365 admin account, in a CSV file. Extracting CSV file from Admin account is important becuase without having one, you will not be able to backup your Office 365 tenants' data locally. Know how to export CSV file from your Office 365 Admin Account.

Step 2 - Download and launch the software on your PC

First, install the tool on your PC. Now, enter your Office 365 Admin account details. Select the checkbox Account Impersonation and click on login to backup entire user mailbox data from your organizations O365 account.

install tool to backup Office 365 multiple user accounts
Step 3 - Select Office 365 Backup option

Choose "Office 365 Backup" option after getting access to your Office 365 account. Using this option will let you extract multiple Outlook OWA user profiles data locally in batch.

Select Office 365 backup option
Step 4 - Browse for CSV file

Click on Browse button to select CSV for backup of multiple Exchange online user accounts at once.

load CSV for batch O365 backup process
Step 5 - Select Users for saving their backup locally

The software will show a complete list of the all the mailboxes. Click on Select All option to get their backup at once. Or you can select them one by one by clicking their corresponding checkboxes, as per your requirement. Finally, select the destination location where you want to save the backup files and click Next.

select all users to extract thier backup locally in batch
Step 6 - Select output file format and related categories

The software offers multiple output options to for archiving Office 365 user profiles data. Choose the one that suits your needs

Note : If you select PST as the output option, then make sure that Outlook (any Unicode edition) is insatalled on your system.

choose output file format to backup Office 365 multiple user database.
Step 7 - Preview O365 Backup Status

Now the software will start the process of exporting entire user mailbox data of Office 365 and will display the current folder status alongwith the overall progress status.

View progess report of software saving backing of Exchange online mailboxes
Step 8 - Finished Backup Process

After the software completes the backup process, it will open an alert window dislpaying the message "Backup process is completed".

Software showing backup complete message

Screenshots for Office 365 Database Backup

The Office 365 Database Backup utility is an expert solution to archive Office 365 mailbox to other file formats. To get a fair idea of the software wokring, follow the step by step guide, explained via screenshots.

login to office 365 Account

Step 1 : Login to your Office 365 Account for creating backup.

select mailbox items and choose destination location

Step 2 : Select mailbox items and destination path to save Office 365 backup.

choose PST/EML format to backup Office365 account data

Step 3 : Choose desired file format and other categories to backup Office 365 webmail data.

FAQs of Office 365 Database Backup App

Can I create backup of multiple user accounts from Office 365 to PST at once?

Yes, you can save Office 365 backup of multiple user accounts at once by saving and uploading their login credentials in a CSV file. The tool will create individual PST for each Office 365 user account.

How do I export my emails from Office 365?

Follow these steps to export data from Exchange Online mailbox :

  • Download Office 365 software and login using your credentials
  • Select the folders for which you want to create local copy for offline access
  • Select the destination to save offline copy of your Exchange account data
  • Select PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, EMLX or PDF from the available options. The tool will allow you to save the selected items from Office 365 user accounts. For this select the checkboxes appearing on the left of items – Mails, Contacts, Calendars to create their backup.
  • Apply date filters and naming options, if you want and click on Start Button.
Note : Naming convention option is available for EML, MSG, PDF and EMLX format only.

What is Application Impersonation option?

Application Impersonation Option is provided for Admins only. Using this option, Admins (by entering admin credentials) can save backup of multiple Office 365 users' mailbox data to PST at once. The login details of the listed user accounts, for which backup is needed, are saved in a CSV file and this CSV file is added to the software to create their backup at once. Every user account will have separate output file generated for them.

How can I export CSV file of all the tenants of my Office 365 account?

Follow these steps to export the login credentials of all your Office 365 user mailboxes in a CSV file :

  • Login to your Office 365 admin account
  • Go to Admin >> Click on Active users.
  • The list of all the active users will appear. Select the tenants individually by ticking their corresponding checkboxes or select all of them by ticking the Select All option.
  • Click on Export link to export the data in CSV file. The file will be downloaded and saved at the location where all your internet downloaded files are saved. By default it is at Downloads folder, appearing under C:\ drive. (Complete path : C:\users\USER_NAME\Downloads).
How can I use Application Impersonation option?

To use Application Impersonation option, you must have access to Office 365 Admin Account. This option supports batch migration of O365 user mailboxes to different formats on local system, in single processing. To use this option, follow the below steps :

  • First export and save all your user account’s login details in CSV file from your O365 admin account. Know how to export CSV file from O365 cloud account.
  • Download and install the software on your system
  • Enter your Office365 Admin account details, check the option “Application Impersonation” and press login button
  • Choose Office 365 Backup option to archive multiple user accounts database to your system.
  • A copy of Sample CSV file will automatically get created on your Desktop. If in case it is not created, then you can get one by clicking on Sample CSV link. Please Note that this is the sample file and is for your reference only. You have to create the one according to its format by copying the desired fields from the CSV file that you exported from your admin account. (Note : you only have to select the data appearing under the column named UserPrincipalName. This column contains the user IDs of the all the tenants in the O365 admin account).
  • Now click on browse button to add the just created CSV file. Once the CSV file is loaded, the software will display the list of all the mailboxes. Select all of them by clicking on Select All option, or you can select the desired ones by clicking on their corresponding checkboxes. Finally, Click on Next Button.
  • A new window will appear displaying a list of export options. Choose the one according to your requirements and click on Next.
  • Now the software will start the backup process.
What is the use of Date Range?

Sometimes users need to take backup of Office 365 data between specific time periods, say for a month only. Using date range option, they can easily save their data between their specified date range.

How can I be sure about software working before making a purchase?

Using FREE demo edition of Exchange online mailbox utility, you can easily evaluate its performance without paying any charges. Free demo will allow backup of first 25 emails, contacts, calendars data to specified format for offline access on local hard drive.

Is there any file size limitation to use this tool?

No, there is no file size limitation and you can save backup of any size without any errors.

Requirements & Specifications of Office 365 Backup Tool

Stars Rating of Office 365 Backup Tool
Rated 4.8/5 based on 35 customer reviews
Program name CubexSoft Office 365 Backup Tool
Version 1.0
File Size 24.0 MB
Program Type Shareware
System Requirements Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.
MS Outlook MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007
Installation of Outlook is necessary to archive Office 365 Mailbox to PST.

Free Office 365 Backup Download Tool

Download free Demo edition of the Tool and evaluate its functionality before making a purchase. Evaluation copy of the tool saves first 100 emails and 25 other items from Office 365 user account to selected format. Purchase licensed edition of the software to backup entire office 365 user account to other formats.

Comparison v/s Demo & Complete Version

Features FREE Version FULL Version
Backup Single User Database
Backup Office 365 Email, Contacts, Calenders
Save Contacts to vCard & Calenders to ICS format Save First 25 Items All Items
Save Office 365 Emails in PST Format Archive First 100 Emails All Items
Compatible with entire Windows OS
Cost FREE $19
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Testimonials Our Customers' Views About Office 365 Backup Software


"Using this Office 365 Tool I was able to save offline backup of my Exchange online mailboxes to PST without losing a single bit of data. Now, I can secure my Office 365 on premise data to my local machine anytime, anywhere as per my convenience."

Scott M. Strauch |TX, USA 

"Creating backup of all my employees' database was a big challenge for me. But the utility eased the entire process for me and I could easily save my entire Office 365 data to PST at once. What's more, the tool created individual PST for each user account, so managing them on local disk was not a problem at all."

Janice J. Williams |BS, Germany