How to Import MBOX Files into Thunderbird

Follow the complete conversion guide for importing MBOX files into Thunderbird with Easy Steps

Mozilla Thunderbird is free desktop based email client which supports MBOX files to manage data. To import MBOX Files into Thunderbird, there are two methods available which help to understand complete processing. Follow any method which suits you –

Import MBOX to Thunderbird – Method 1

Firstly download, install & run “Import/Export Tool” addon in your Thunderbird. You can download this addon with the help of following button. Or visit on this site –

Step 1 - Then Open Thunderbird
Step 2 - Go to Tools menu >> Import/Export Tool >> Import MBOX File
Step 3 - Then there will open a new Files MBOX Import Window, Choose option to import MBOX files and click on OK button
Step 4 - Browse the desired location from where you saved MBOX files and Click Open Button.
Step 5 - Finally, all mbox files have been imported in your Thunderbird as shown in below image

How to Import MBOX files to Thunderbird – Method 2

Step 1 - Open Mozilla Thunderbird in your PC
Step 2 - Go to Help Menu >> Troubleshooting Information
Step 3 - Then there will open a new tab in Thunderbird of Troubleshooting Information, go to Application Basics Section >> Show Folder
Step 4 - After that there will open the profile location of Thunderbird, Click on Mail Folder >> Local Folder
Step 5 - All mailboxes data are available in Local Folder in two parts – with extension (important-files.msf, trash.msf, etc.), without extension (important-files, trash, etc.), folder data are available in .sbd folder.
Step 6 - Now Copy all your mbox files from where you saved them and paste at the Local Folder i.e. Inbox.mbox, Outbox.mbox, Sent.mbox, etc.
Step 7 - Then re-open the Thunderbird and all mbox files have been imported in Thunderbird as shown below –